How to Achieve Your Annual Insurance Sales Goals

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05 Jul, 2023
Author : PolicyBoss
Insurance Agent

In the current era of cut-throat competition, selling insurance policies in traditional ways may not help you achieve your sales goals. If you stick only to conventional ways, you may face more pressure and find insurance selling challenging. Insurance Agents are primarily responsible for contacting prospective clients to inform, educate and advise on their insurance purchases. Because insurance sales agents usually sell one or more insurance types, they need to be proficient at analyzing their prospect’s needs and then consult accordingly.

Selling insurance online is a convenient way to reach more people, increase your sales and earn more. Selling insurance as a (Point of Sales Person) PoSP agent is a better way to achieve sales goals through a combination of strategies and tactics. A PoSP insurance agent sells insurance online and, in return, earns a commission. It's a work-from-home insurance business opportunity that is suitable for homemakers and anyone who prefers working remotely and flexibly.

How does the PoSP certification programme help in achieving sales goals?

A Point of Sales Person or PoSP is an insurance agent who is authorized to sell various insurance products of different insurance companies. But to become a POSP agent , you must undergo a certification program like PolicyBoss PoSP certification. This certification program lets you thoroughly know the products you sell and effectively communicate the benefits to potential customers. Additionally, it aids in setting realistic targets and consistently tracking progress. Also, it helps you stay motivated and focused on achieving sales goals.

Here are a few other striking features of PolicyBoss PoSP certification:

  1. The level of qualification is minimal. Anyone who has passed grade 10 is eligible to become the PolicyBoss PoSP agent. Also, you must be 18 years or above and a citizen of India.
  2. A PolicyBoss PoSP agent will get access to a customized app and website
  3. Dedicated RM support from PolicyBoss
  4. Training from skilled people allows you to understand insurance selling strategies and tactics better, leading to career success
  5. The 'sync-contact' feature gives the PoSP agent leads from their own phone contacts
  6. Timely payment of commissions.

What are a few effective sales strategies that PoSP agents can adopt to achieve sales targets?

Here are some key steps and tips you must consider when you sell insurance as a POSP agent:

  1. Understanding the Product: To sell insurance products effectively, you should have a deep understanding of the product you are promoting. It includes knowing its features, benefits, and how it addresses customer needs. Besides, you must be well-versed in handling customer queries and concerns. A good understanding of products also aids you in getting more business from your existing customers.

    PolicyBoss conducts regular training sessions to enhance the PoSP agent's product knowledge. These training sessions can significantly boost agents' confidence and ability to sell. It is critical to highlight that insurance services are not easily understood. Create a simple, user-friendly website that contains all of the necessary information. On a single page, provide straightforward information about insurance coverage with inclusions and exclusions, premium pricing, and any other relevant information.

  2. Effective Communication: A robust communication skill is essential for PoSP agents. As a PoSP insurance agent, you must be able to convey information, answer customer queries, and highlight the product's value proposition compellingly. Always have effective communication skills to portray product information along with other relevant information required. For example, let's look at the demographic of age. Younger customer segments are more likely to be purchasing their first assets, such as a house or a car, which requires investments and savings. When it comes to older customer segments, it is natural to stress the benefits of health and life insurance. But for the younger audience, do stress on the benefits of starting a health and life cover early.
  3. Building Rapport: Establishing a positive and friendly connection with customers can make a significant difference. It helps you understand the needs of your customers easily. Customers are more likely to purchase policies if they feel connected with the insurance agent. This, in turn, will help close your sales and an added connection will help in achieving insurance sales goals in the easiest possible manner.
  4. Identifying Customer Needs: Effective insurance selling involves understanding the customer's needs and tailoring the pitch accordingly. While selling insurance as a PoSP agent, you should ask relevant questions to the customer to identify pain points and position the product as a solution. Being an active listener is important. PoSP agents should listen carefully to the concerns and preferences of their customers. And then tailor their responses accordingly.
  5. Up-selling and Cross-selling Strategies: Cross-selling and up-selling are two widely used insurance selling strategies. Cross-selling is when customers are offered complementary products. While up-selling in insurance refers to offering customers additional coverage or policy upgrades during the sales process. It can include suggesting higher coverage limits, adding on additional types of coverage, or offering policy features that the customer may not have considered.

    When interacting with customers, identify opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling to promote your products and increase insurance sales.

  6. Review Your Performance Periodically: Before setting new goals and strategies, review your sales numbers, client feedback, and relevant data to identify areas of strength and weakness. It helps make informed decisions on focus areas for the remaining year. Try to go through each and everything you did in the past year and based on that you can plan your next year to achieve your insurance sales goal.
  7. Set Specific and Achievable Goals: After reviewing your performance, set new goals for the rest of the year. Ensure your goals are specific, measurable, and achievable within the given time frame. For example, instead of setting a general goal like "increase sales of insurance plans," set a specific goal like "increase sales of health insurance policies by 15% by the end of December."
  8. Focus on Your Target Market: For achieving sales goals, it's crucial to identify and focus on your target market. Analyze your client base and tailor your marketing and sales efforts to reach the specific group of people most likely to need your insurance products. Apart from reviewing the client base, it is important to research the market trends and based on that you can decide your future efforts that you can put on.
  9. Leverage Digital Tools and Platforms: In today's digital age, utilizing technology to maximize sales potential is essential. Utilize social media to reach a larger audience and share valuable information about insurance plans. One needs to prospect, position and present social media strategies to gain more audience and stand apart from the competition by proving your expertise.
  10. Create a Sense of Urgency: Encourage customers to take action by creating a sense of urgency. Emphasize the risks of inadequate insurance coverage, such as the financial impact of an unexpected accident or illness.
  11. Follow-up with Customers: Building solid relationships with your customers is crucial in achieving long-term success in the insurance industry. Follow up regularly with existing customers, offer ongoing support and advice, and show genuine interest in their wellbeing. It helps you build trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to an increase in sales.


Achieving your insurance selling goals requires a combination of hard work, strategic planning, and effective execution. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success and finish the year on a high note. Remember to stay focused, stay positive, and stay committed to your goals.

PolicyBoss PoSP certification provides the right guidance to learn and earn from home. This business opportunity is commission-based and suitable for Indian homemakers who want to work from home and earn a decent income while maintaining a better work-life balance. Completing the certification will also help in building connections with the audience which might help in gaining more customers in future depending how you have introduced yourself and the insurance products to them.

How can PoSP agents help in achieving insurance sales goals?

PoSP agents can play a pivotal role in achieving insurance sales goals by directly interacting with customers and effectively communicating the benefits of various insurance policies. They can tailor their approach to individual customer needs, provide personalized solutions, and ultimately increase the conversion rate for insurance sales.

How can PoSP agents identify potential customers?

PoSP agents can identify potential customers through various means, including referrals from existing clients, networking events, partnerships with local businesses, and online platforms. They can also use social media and other digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience.

What strategies can PoSP agents use to meet and exceed insurance sales targets?

PoSP agents can use a combination of strategies to meet and exceed insurance sales targets. These strategies include building a strong prospect list, conducting thorough needs assessments, presenting tailored insurance solutions, following up with leads, leveraging cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and continuously improving their product knowledge.

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