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The traditional distribution-led insurance industry in India has digitally evolved and continues to innovate strongly, offering wider range of products and 
                                                               richer consumer experiences
India is 4th largest general insurance market in Asia & 14th largest globally
Technology has made insurance products more accessible and easier to understand and the service provider ecosystem is evolving to match this change
India is world’s 2nd largest internet users market
Insurance agents play a crucial role in bridging the gap between insurers and consumers
Insurance's ease with digital tools has grown, with 63% of agents comfortable with video-calling clients & greater then 50% open ti the idea of virtual renewals
Introduction of point-of-sales-person (PoSP) model has made it easier to become Insurance Broker's agent
Today PoSP is a career option unto itself, backed by a learn and grow model to ensure your business and professional growth continues uninterrupted

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5 Reasons - Become a POSP

Posp Advantage
Be your own boss

Be Your Own Boss

Work from anywhere, anytime
Digital sales made eassy

Digital Sales Made Easy

Search, prospect, and view statements from the convenience of your mobile, tablet or laptop
Experience choice with convinience

Experience Choice With Convenience

Get business support, as & when you need it
Professional business support

Professional Business Support

Benefit from a dedicated relationship manager, to help you grow your business
Transparency in business

Transparency In Income

Business dashboard gives you a single view of all your business to track performance anywhere, anytime

PolicyBoss PoSP Highlights

We at are Committed to Ensure

No Indian Compromises Trusted Insurance Advisory for the Sake of Convenience

To this effect, we are building india’s largest insurance POSP network and are constantly making efforts to make it easier & more rewarding for our Insurance POSP Agents. We have been serving the different needs of millions of customers through thousands of our Insurance POSP Agents & are one of india’s leading insurtech with expertise in advisory led distribution.

Join us to get benefit from our technology as well as business insights & elevate your career as an Insurance POSP Agent.

Agent Speaks

Benefits & Advantages of Becoming PolicyBoss PoSP

Go Digital

Go Digital, Be Digi-Ready

Completely paperless process of sign-up, on-boarding, training, certification & sales

Learn Excel Grow

Learn, Excel, Grow

Benefit from a Range of self-learning courses to web training sessions to keep yourself up-to-date; communicate with personalized content seamlessly

Experience Choice

Experience Choice with Convenience

70+ plans from 40+ Insurance companies, available across mobile app as well as web login

Business Tracking

Business Tracking Made Easy

Business dashboard with case-wise details to help prospect, transact & monitor your insurance business seamlessly across devices



Benefit from our strong relationships with all major insurance companies, wide physical presence through 30+ offices, and cutting-edge technology & tools built using our insurance broking experience

Our promise: To our POSP partners, we promise unconditional support to ensure they get complete
Solutions, not just answer to all their concerns.

Get started on your journey of becoming an Insurance POSP today!

Frequently Asked Questions

As per the Insurance Regulator of India IRDAI, PoSP is a certified insurance agent who can sell insurance products across approved insurance categories from multiple companies without any restrictions. Insurance products like term life plans, motor insurance, health insurance plans and more.

As on the date of appointment as a POSP – you should have attained the age of 18 years and above (there is no upper age limit), and should be a minimum 10th Class Pass.

List of mandatory documents required for becoming a POSP:-

  1. PAN Card
  2. Recent photograph
  3. Aadhaar card
  4. Education qualification certificate (10th Or Above)
  5. Cancelled cheque

As mandated by the IRDAI Insurance Information Bureau, the PAN No along with other details of POSP needs to be uploaded onto the Insurance Information Bureau POSP Portal, by the appointing/sponsoring entity.

A POSP can start selling POS products after completing the prescribed hours of training, and passing online examination.

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