Travel Insurance

Superficially customized insurance policies such as home and health insurance do not always cover the costs of medical expenses in abroad. The harm and loss occurred by natural calamities or catastrophes hitting your preplanned big trip don’t get covered by any other insurance plan.
Travel insurance plans can get you secured from burglary, break down of transport mode, delay and cancellation of fights, physical injury or medical emergencies and further assistance, loss of luggage etc.
There are 7 types of Travel Insurance. Those are Corporate Travel Insurance, Domestic Travel Insurance, International Travel Insurance, Senior Citizen Travel Insurance, Student Travel Insurance, Individual Travel Insurance and Family Travel Insurance.
Trekkers, sky-divers, ice-climbers and cave explorers etc. usually go on an adventurous trip to an inaccessible region. They ought to go for a Travel insurance to get their lives secured as they are relatively at higher risk. However, health emergency situations can come across to anyone. Since life is vulnerable to health emergencies, every traveler should go for Travel Insurance to safeguard themselves against loss of luggage till massive cancellation.
  • Pre-existing conditions resulting to hospitalization
  • Damage or loss of keys
  • Trains or flights missed because of civil war/local protests
  • Luggage delay
  • Expenses incurred because of civil unrest or local protests
  • Customers should note that exclusions vary from one policy to policy.
  • Trains or flights missed because of civil war/local protests