Myths about Student Travel Insurance

Getting selected in dream university will definitely fasten up your preparations for flying abroad for higher education. You may be busy with packing up your bags, booking flight tickets, arranging on funding etc; but do not forget about the online student travel insurance policy India.

It is advisable to have clear vision about this policy and its requirements because majority of universities don’t approve the admission of an international student if he or she do not hold a legal medical coverage till the duration of the course ends. Below are some of the myths related to student travel insurance:

  • Policy to be bought from the country of study

When you apply for a university, then remember to read all the attached documents carefully, especially the ones about insurance needs. As owning the policy is mandatory by foreign universities, people generally think that the plan has to be bought from the country of study.

It turns out to be affordable than the coverage purchased abroad because the insurance premium paid is in Indian currency and the compensation received is in foreign currency. It is essential to confirm the university’s needs and go through some special clause, if any.

Cashless claims made under student travel insurance can be availed abroad by showing the health card in the hospital student is getting treatment from. Insurance companies in India have well-known claim settlement service providers in almost every country which would start the procedure.

  • Student Travel Insurance covers travel only

Many people believe that online student travel insurance covers travel only. But, the reality is that this policy provides a wide range of features to protect a student abroad. The coverage starts when student board on his or her journey. Usually, if student prefers to buy a plan from the foreign university, then he or she will be insured only for medical costs.

On the other hand, student travel insurance offers high level of medical coverage along with medical evacuation, if needed. Under some plans, you may also get add-on coverage for sports emergencies, dental treatment and treatment for psychological disorders.

In fact, it gives coverage for emergencies such as loss of passport or luggage as well as sponsor protection. Some plans offer 2-way compassionate visit for student’s parents if he or she is hospitalized.

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