Five Travel Insurance Myths

Majority of travelers think that online travel insurance India is as important to their journey as a sunscreen and passport. But, some people find it as a needless expense. Below are five myths related to travel insurance policies:

“I have homeowners and health insurance that gives protection, so I don’t require travel insurance”

Sometimes, the person may think that he or she is loaded and locked, but he or she is not. Generally, basic travel insurance plan offers trip interruption, travel assistance, lost baggage, trip cancellation, accidental death and limited medical evacuation benefits etc.

On the other hand, healthcare plans vary and have lower deductibles and benefits when policyholder access medical services in out-of-network hospitals. But, travel insurance pays for medical assistance anywhere around the globe based on a plan in case you fall sick or get injured during your holiday.

Also, it covers an interrupted or canceled trip because of demise, illness or injury of an immediate family member at home before or during policyholder’s vacation. In fact, some plans can even reimburse insured people for buying clothing in case of loss of luggage, as long as policyholders keep those receipts for your purchases.

  • “If my flight is delayed, the airline will cover me. No need for travel insurance.”

In case a flight is delayed for reasons beyond the airline’s control, like air traffic delays, mechanical issues, and bad weather, then the airline is not obligated to do anything more than get you to your destination on its next available flight. Travel plans pay sufficiently for meals as well as for hotel room for the night. But, there is a per day limit on the travel insurance coverage.

  • “No insurance policy will cover adventurous sports.”

Some insurance companies in India give a rider which travelers can use to cover them if they are enjoying any adventurous sports during their trip.

Usually, travel insurance offers the policyholder with a medical transfer to the nearest most appropriate medical facility as mentioned by the insurer.

  • “All online travel insurance policies are same.”

These plans available with various options and a varying amount of coverage. Most of the times, travelers choose a plan that offers kid’s coverage at the really affordable rate. Basic coverage provides comprehensive insurance for policyholder’s entire trip and also give reimbursement for non-refundable trip costs in case insured’s trip is canceled because of any covered reasons.

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