Making most of your car insurance

car insurance

The manifestation of the successful claims of the vehicle insurance has been rigorously seen over past few years. It is evolving significantly. Insured can easily maximize it by adding additional covers. Peeping through a comprehensive policy, it doesn’t cover additional or other expenses such as vehicle towing expenses beyond permissible limits, consequential losses, hydrostatic losses etc. incurred during vehicle repairs. It doesn’t get extended to other essential services in an emergency either.

Carrying a car insurance which holds the maximum liabilities is very important. Out of heavy competition, insurance companies are flooded with several add-on covers today to lessen the wearier of the insured. An exhaustive car insurance policy comprises of Engine Protect, Roadside assistance, Quality Assurance & Return to invoice.

Let us take a quick look through these additional covers which insureds are unaware of:

  • Roadside assistance: Vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road during heavy rain has been a regular scene in monsoon. Unavailability of any mechanical help or inaccessibility to any garage leaves the driver and passengers feeble. Opting roadside assistance in such case through your policy is now accessible. On the spot, mechanical assistance has been extended by the insurance company to fix the problem or immediate towing facility has been made available to the workshop or nearest garage. Other than this, minor repairs, on the spot fuel arrangement, battery and Tyre replacement if needed have also been extended. Moreover, hotel accommodation and alternate vehicle are also arranged.
  • Engine Protect: Sometimes during monsoon or heavy driving, engine is made to cease. Water ingression can lead to engine failure. The problem gets worst when a driver tries to run the engine faster. A basic car insurance policy doesn’t cover the engine failure because of water ingression. A Hydrostatic Lock Cover or Engine Protect should be taken to not only cover the external damages but also to drive advantages of engine breakdown or escape of any internal liquids.
  • Quality Protect: Today, the insurance company also safeguards your vehicle with quality repairs at an authorized workshop while claiming. Quality repair by an authorized workshop holds significant importance as it rubs off all the possibility of any harm to your beloved vehicle.
  • Return to invoice: In case of total loss or theft of the vehicle, IDV is paid to the insured. Nevertheless, one still ends up losing road tax and the difference between the IDV and ex-showroom price of the vehicle. By opting for this add-on, one can get reimbursed with the road tax and differential amount between the IDV and ex-showroom price, thus taking away the extra burden if one were to purchase a new vehicle.

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