How to Negotiate with Car Insurance Surveyor

car insurance surveyor

In case vehicle meets with an accident and then policyholder make a car insurance claim for certain amount but get below than that. The car insurance company in India informs insured person the money was depends on the report generated by the surveyor.

Select surveyor by your own, whose report suggests policyholders are entitled to receive higher claims. However, the insurer refuses this report, and then what can auto owner do? First of all, person can request the car insurance company in India to think again about its decision.

Still, auto owner do not receive a satisfactory response, he can follow the legal route. Under such scenarios, however, a resolution might not be forthcoming easily.

Generally, it is not very common for insured people to select surveyors on their own. Basically, surveyors are completely independent authorities who work either for the policyholder or insurer and have to pay the surveyor’s charges accordingly.

If insured is not satisfied with the surveyor’s valuation appointed by the insurer. But, will it really help in case the insured person appoints his own surveyor? Well, maybe.

However, it is not binding on the motor insurance company in India to approve that report affordable deal from the report of surveyor?. How can policyholders make sure that disputes don’t create because of claims and how to avail an

It is advisable to do repairs only after the surveyor’s report says person can do so. Remember not to throw any damaged stuff before inspection. In case of car accident, do not tow away the car from the site before inspection.

Auto insurance experts suggest policyholders that claim reports must be thorough and include proper justification. Mention various damages in detail in case of car damage. In case person leave out any dents, then report about these issues separately.

Car insurance agencies might treat these cases as a separate claim and reject to pay policyholder. Attach medical bills along with the copy of the First Information Report in case of vehicle accident and if it involves third-party injury.

But, when auto owner apply for insurance renewal, then car insurance cost will increase. So, get online car insurance quotes to save some money on premiums.

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