How to Decrease Auto Insurance Premium

decrease auto insurance premium

Majority of auto owners are not aware with the fact that some simple steps can save their lots of money when it comes to buying a motor insurance policy online. Like, purchasing a car with white color instead of a red or black one could decrease auto insurance premiums by around 25 percent.

White colored vehicles are considered as much safer because these cars can be spotted very easily on a dark road as compared to dark-colored vehicles. It means collision rate is very low.

IRDA propose a sudden increase in premium for both two-wheelers and cars. So, auto owners as well as buyers should consider few things to save some handsome amount of money.

As third party insurance cover is compulsory for vehicle owners, then save costs on own damage because it can substantially help, besides selecting the correct color and decreasing specific add-on coverage.

Truncated policies mean decreased coverage but if person is a safe driver, then take some liberty. Instead of buying an auto insurance policy from a car dealer, customer can purchase the first year’s insurance from someone else.

Some insurers consider parameters like age, driving history, anti-theft mechanism, color etc to reduce the motor insurance premium. Those who have diesel vehicles can select the insurance company in India which does not differentiate between petrol or diesel vehicles.

On the other side, owners of petrol vehicles can select an insurer who does differentiate on such basis, so they get better deals. The premium difference for a petrol and diesel vehicle can be as more as nearly 25 percent, in favor of petrol vehicles.

People into specific professions like lawyers, army officers and doctors have commanded lower vehicle insurance premiums because they tend to keep their automobiles better and their usage is also low.

Person with a good driving record or many years can get lower premiums as compared to person without sufficient driving experience. Keeping your claims rate low is also one of the best ways to save on auto insurance premium costs.

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