Cars with Safety Features Reduce Motor Insurance Premium

car with safety features

Some famous entry-level cars lacked safety features like airbags and had failed crash tests because of the lack of this feature. So, Indian consumers need to pay extra amount to make their vehicles safer.

Generally, it is observed that Indian buyers pay less attention to safety; they first start with cost, model, fuel efficiency, comfort and then safety. As the rate pressure is too much on vehicle manufacturing companies in India, so these manufacturers allow buyers to select whether they want features such as air-bags.

In fact, majority of auto owners think that they don’t require air-bags because they want to drive vehicles in cities only and not at high speeds. Many of you may not well aware with the fact that if you opt for a vehicle with advanced safety features, then it helps you to reduce your motor insurancepremium.

Insurance experts suggest auto owners to include some modern safety features to their vehicles when they upgrade their automobiles so that they can avail benefit of lost cost vehicle insurance premium.

In fact, there is some incentive when it comes to motor insurance premiums for safety features because it will help to decrease damage to the car and driver both. This will also help to take down the claims. It will surely have some bearing on premiums in the future.

Insurance companies in India also offer more affordable deals in case vehicle has anti-theft devices. But, insurers don’t give any special deals for vehicles with air bags because these features are designed to secure the individual in case of an accident.

Those who already have online auto insurance policy can decrease their premium at the time of renewal, by including the safety features. But, it is advisable to purchase a vehicle with in-built safety features.

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