Why People Must Buy Health Insurance

why people must buy health insurance

Your earnings are supposed to increase your savings, wealth or to create a strong financial corpus, so let health insurance do its work of paying expensive medical bills for you.

In India, only around five percent people are covered with healthcare plans but medical inflation is too high due to increasing cost of medicines and treatments. Those who haven’t seen medical bills recently may be in a shock. So, skipping health insurance can take you one step back by around Rs four lakh.

When any member of your family needs the best medical help, the last thing you need to think about is how you are going to pay expensive medical costs. Around 80 percent of the expenses on healthcare were met by personal, out of saving. It is really unforeseen to note that majority of people in India fall into poverty each year because of expensive medical treatments.

Even if a person is a salaried employee or owns business, then also he or she deserves the right medical coverage protection to incur the medical costs. Below are some reasons why people should have personal health insurance coverage:

Inadequate Health Cover by Employer

Employers offer basic health cover during employment and nil coverage when they resign from a job. So, any kind of medical emergency would be economically damaging.

Parents’ Protection

Employers have started to give health insurance cover to one’s parents or to spouse and children, but not both.

Retirement Phase

Employers do not offer coverage when person requires it the most during the post-retirement tenure. The insurance premium is also high for an old age people.

Apart from that, policyholders can also avail tax benefits under section 80D. In the Indian market, a wide range of health insurance policies are available online. One just needs to do thorough research and then contact expert before selecting one for the dear ones.

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