Six Facts to Consider While Buying Online Health Insurance

benefit of comparing health insurance policy

Selecting the best healthcare plan is equally important because the right health coverage will meet the needs effectively in case of a health adversity.

In Indian insurance market, a wide range of policies are available which address needs of varied buyers segments, from basic mediclaim policy and top-up plans to coverages which take care of policyholder’s regular health requirements such as maternity related costs, chronic ailments etc. Due to several policy options, you may get confused. Therefore, follow below-mentioned facts to choose the best health insurance online:

  • Plan

While selecting coverage, make sure that its constituent benefits as well as services fulfill insured’s current and future healthcare needs. Study the plan in detail and be sure that it will be of value to the policyholder. Today, it is very much necessary to secure your health first with a vital comprehensive hospitalization indemnity plan before adding other policies to current health insurance in India. It will be more useful to purchase a top-up plan if the person owns an individual plan to cover the deductible amount.

  • Sum Insured

Be future ready when you decide sum insured. As medical inflation is increasing constantly and the coverage that appears enough today will be insufficient to cover your healthcare costs in the consecutive few years.

  • Premium

Insurance experts suggest that premium should be commensurate to the benefits and services of a plan and the quantum of the cover. Online comparison of similar health insurance plans across insurance companies in India to know what the appropriate premium amount for your selected cover would be.

  • Network Hospital

It is a key aspect of the health insurance policy because in case you’re insurance company has a tie-up with a hospital, and then he can opt for the cashless treatment facility.

  • Exclusions

Read the fine print of insurance document before signing it. If you have any query, then raise the question. The exclusions notification of health insurance is important because it informs policyholders about treatments and ailments which the plan doesn’t cover.

  • No Claim Bonus

If insured do not claim on his or her health insurance during a policy term, then insurer offers him or her with a no claim bonus. It raises your sum insured at the same premium or decreases policyholders’ premium while maintaining the same sum insured based on the no-claim bonus provided by the selected insurance company in India.

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