Pre Existing Diseases Increase Health Insurance Premiums

Health Insurance

Today, insurance companies in India cover old ailments when policyholders successfully complete specific waiting period or by charging higher health insurance premiums. Sometimes, people don’t have any idea about this concept and hence, feel surprised at the time of purchasing online mediclaim policies India.

Earlier, pre-existing diseases were excluded from the final policy document. Hence, insurance experts suggest customers to check whether pre-existing ailments are listed as permanent exclusions or not.

Do not forget to compare different health insurance policies online online provided by various insurance companies in India before buying and porting. Remember to check coverage for such conditions under employer’s group health insurance plan.

Generally, chronic ailments are permanently excluded by the insurer. Even if you switch your insurance service provider, then also waiting period is compulsory to cover pre-existing ailments. Insurance companies in India don’t reject claims related to pre-existing diseases provided a policyholder successfully complete waiting period mentioned by an insurer.

Chronic ailments such as hypertension, knees surgeries, cardiac ailments, diabetes and all related complications which results because of such ailments are being excluded permanent by many insurers.

On the other hand, policyholders who continue their plans with the same insurance company in India have their pre-existing diseases insured after a certain years of waiting period. Even if insured port his or her online health insurance policy with another insurer, then also he or she needs to fulfill waiting period clause.

Remaining formalities are approved as per underwriting guidelines and hence, all customer proposal are assessed separately based on customer’s medical history, policy type etc. It clearly means that no two mediclaim policies will be similarly especially in terms of underwriting risks.

Insurance professionals feel that insurers approve claims registered on pre-existing ailments by their existing clients whereas some insurers take a tough stand for new customers.

Health Insurance