Learn about Health Insurance Tax Benefits

Health Insurance Tax Benefits

Health medical coverage is the most basic plan one should include in his/her portfolio. Its work is simple, the insured pays standard premium time to time to the insurance company for which he/she, in turn, get covered against medical contingencies. Be that as it may, there’s a whole other world to medical coverage than simply repaying the person for the costs he/she acquires on his/her therapeutic treatment. Much the same as extra security, a health plan goes about as an extremely effective tool. It gives the insurer a significant assessment exception under Section 80D.

If you are looking forward to saving tax, money, and health, then here’s Policyboss wherein you can choose your health insurance plan starting from 6/day* & save tax up to 55,000/-** under section 80D.

According to Section 80D of the income tax act, the premium paid towards a medical coverage is deductible from the assessable income. As far as possible for this deductible sum is Rs 15,000 and is extendible to Rs 20,000 for senior citizens. Hence, it empowers a person to appreciate a most extreme derivation of Rs 35,000 from the assessable income. In certain cases, the time of both the insurer and his guardians is above 65 years. The deductible sum in such cases reaches out up to Rs 40,000 (Rs 20,000 + Rs 20,000).

The key benefits of choosing a health insurance plans from us are:

• The range of plans which provide maximum features, cashless hospitalization & cover your family’s health care requirements under single premium amount for the policy period.

• Claim for your medical expenses incurred before & after hospitalization including diagnostic charges, consulting fees, medicines, etc.

• Get rewarded with no claim bonus in your policy, for claim-free year & avail increased coverage at no extra cost. Avail family bonus by insuring your family under one plan. Get yourself insured for the longer time & reap discount on premium.

• Have your sum insured restored up to 100%, at no additional cost?

• Avail free health check-ups & other wellness & healthcare benefits complementary to your policy.

• Enjoy Tax exemption of up to Rs. 55,000/-* under Section 80D along with your health policy.

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