ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance:-All you need to know

complete health insurance

After doing a detailed research of ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance, I personally feel that this is a product focused on health insurance needs.

ICICI Lombard, the leading private insurer take care of certain advantages which policyholders expect in an ideal health insurance solution. It is specifically designed to suit a customer’s budget and requirements.It offers major benefits like sum insured from 1 lac to 50 lacs and flexibility. To decrease premium, the company provides an option of sub-limit. There is no restriction on entry age and plus, it gives an advantage of lifelong renewal. No medical tests are required for insurance cover below 46 years age.

Along with all these advantages, it also serves optional covers which includes free check-ups & one-follow session for specialist consultation, consultation from nutritionist & dietitian, online chat with the doctor, Intense illness cover and e-consultations to discount coupons.

While shaping up ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance policy, the company included features like donor reimbursement, hospital daily cash & convalescent advantages, the benefit of cashless claims at more than 4,000 network hospitals in India.

You may feel happy to know that co-payments are not required for any types of disease/hospitalization expenses. Medical expenses incurred as a patient in case of hospitalization for 24+ hrs including surgeon or doctor’s fee, room charges, medical bills with pre & post hospitalization expenses. Day Care expenses incurred on named advanced technological surgeries and procedures requiring less than 24 hrs of hospitalization.

Under the individual policy, minimum entry age begins from 6 yrs & in case of a floater policy, entry age starts with three months. I know, now you have questions in your mind about eligibility criteria. So, I have to mention here that the entry age for the proposer required to be above 18 years. A person can buy this insurance for one or more family members but minimum entry age to holds the policy is three months for floater and six years for the individual.

Health portability has been made effective since 1st October 2011 as per the IRDA portability guidelines. So, don’t worry about that! Claim process can be changed depending on the claim types like reimbursement, cashless and other TPAs. To face an increasing economy, you need to increase your bank balance by enjoying tax benefits from this policy.

After comparing this health insurance plan with other products, my conclusion is that it is the policy which has minimum restrictions with wider coverage and I personally considered this as the best part.