Health Insurance Best Answer to Rising Medical Cost

health insurance best answer to rising medical claim

Buying health insurance online is becoming necessary to fight against increasing medical costs. You may feel lost between the numbers of benefits and price. Below mentioned facts help you to select the best mediclaim policy:

Do not buy a health cover only on the basis of cost alone; find the product on the basis of the things which matter most to you.

Waiting and Exclusions

It is important to aware with the policy exclusions, like aesthetic or cosmetic treatment costs. But, there is a waiting period for a number of ailments. Insurance experts advise buyers to opt for a plan which has lesser waiting period.

Sub-limits and Caps

Remember that do not select a policy just because it is less expensive. Insurance companies in India may include some additional features like sub-limits and co-payments to restrict their claims. So, it may means that less premium and policyholder is deprived of benefits. Therefore, buyers should think about restrictions and premiums both.

Co-payment or sub-limits on room rent in healthcare plan for senior citizens are very common. But, some insurance companies may have city- or disease-specific clauses in basic health insurance policies.

Claim Settlement Record

Insured person needs to know that information about health insurance claims is not easily available in one place. Details mentioned by insurance companies in their public disclosure documents in quite difficult to understand.

Information becomes user-friendly if claim settlement of group and retail policies and reimbursement and cashless policies explain separately. This information helps to track claim settlement record.

Select an online health insurance policy which is customer-friendly in terms of sub-limits, waiting period, no-claim bonus, premium, claims record and co-payment. Different insurance products are available to cover individuals, families and senior citizens.

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