India is a secular country. Variety of religions and cultures bloom happily together. Festivity of different events and occasions is one of the significant characteristics of this nation. However, market of lifestyle goods, textile, luxury products observe substantial sale during festive season. Nevertheless, sale, discounts, schemes brought by the sellers add on to this record-break selling of the products pertained to the mentioned categories.
Car is a luxury as well as a necessity. Considering alarming increase in the population, inconvenient public transport, aged or incapable senior citizen or parents manifests the requirement of a vehicle for to and fro. Nevertheless, ignoring this fact, people look at it as a luxurious thing. However, manufacturers are coming up with cost effective cars suiting middle class strata’s pockets. As per the market survey, automobile sale during festive season is marking a new record every year. Hence to capitalize on this, Sellers are coming up with heavy discount, different schemes, flexible EMI payment, free insurance etc. and these things are turning out to be real sale boosters.
It’s a common belief that things bought during festivals are auspicious. Hence, buyers hit the store for shopping during festivals. This phenomenon has been strongly observed in automobile industry. Vehicle sale has been breaking records every year during festivals. Moreover, Insurance companies are also getting benefitted from this, consequently, capitalizing on the same. They are coming up with tailor-made plans suiting buyer’s needs or requirements.
Since automobile sale during festivals are making us take a back, nevertheless vehicle insurance being mandatory, observes substantial hike during the same with breakthrough sale. They are also bringing discounts or giving extra coverage in the same amount etc. In short, they are broadening their coverage with the same payment made. Insurance industry is deriving as a significant contributor to nation’s GDP and Festive season is the perfect time to make money and renders equally worth services to the consumers.