While purchasing the health insurance policy insurance agent always stresses down Policy Renewal aspect with pertained issues. Previously, policy renewal was a headache as policyholders were to lose out advantages while in the process. Health insurance renewals were contingent upon the claims made in the previous year.  Insurers used to maintain a claim based loading when policies were renewed. An increase in subsequent premiums was being observed if claim was made. These policies were like pocket eaters and policyholders were ending up losing adequate cover. Age factor was also one of the constraints. Insurance providers were adding some upper age limit for health insurance renewals . So post 60-65 year old policyholders used to found it difficult to renew their health policies; consequently, losing out financial securities. 
‘Guaranteed Renewability’ is the key to fix up this problem. Guaranteed renewability is being implemented from October 2013. It’s a feature that obligates the insurer to continue the coverage as long as premiums are paid on the policy. With this latest move of IRDA, you can renew your policy at any age in your entire life. 
There is no age constraint. Anyone from 3 year age to 65 year can purchase the health insurance with lifelong renewability. It also ensures continuous health coverage.  However, it shows a surge (20-25%) in the premiums of the same health plan. This is because of the pressure on insurer to settle the post 60’s ailments claims, as the claims above age 60 are the most probable ones. Moreover, insurers can’t quote above the certain limit for senior citizen group. This makes insurers to apply higher premiums. 
Undoubtedly, this new change by IRDA brought about the revolution in insurance sector which received claps by many policy holders, especially senior citizens but many were unhappy with this move due to increase in the premiums. 
Now choosing the best health plan post retirement, which will be continued for life is now easier.