Health insurance is the much needed thing in today’s high-paced era.  Increasing lifestyle diseases, inflation and poor financial planning shout out loudly expressing the need for health insurance. Market and internet are flooded with endless list of health insurance policies. Moreover, confusing speeches by agents pour the dilemma in potential consumers making them blindly sign the policy documents, regardless of their actual needs. 
Insurance companies are coming up with new customized plans suiting buyer’s needs or requirements. Though there has to be a clear picture about what insurers are putting forth, rather than taking it blindly. Health policies offer critical illness cover as well. However, the worthiness of this critical illness cover is still questionable. Though the critical illness rider does cover 10-15 different diseases, in other cases, a single-disease policy can perform favorably. 
Single-disease cover plan extends comprehensive coverage for a specific disease and serves as an add-on cover for a regular health insurance policy . It doesn’t possess any complex structure at all. Simple to understand with less complication make this Single-disease cover plan popular. Buyer needs to pay a single premium without any complex underwriting. It doesn’t require any test either. All one needs to do is fill up a form and a self-declaration of not having any pre-existing diseases. Currently, there are single disease cover plans like dengue cover, cancer etc.
Opting for single-disease cover plan seems to be a smart choice as it renders in-patient hospitalization cover with no sub limits or co-payment. It compensates non-medical expenses as well incurred during hospitalization, consultations, diagnostic tests, pharmacy, and home nursing for treatment. 
Single-Disease Cover plan has been designed to safeguard against particular disease which a comprehensive mediclaim or health policy doesn’t not cover completely.