Everyone loves his/her beloved car and take the utmost care of it from the bottom of their hearts. Moreover, a comprehensive motor insurance plays an add-on to their love towards their automobile. However, out of ignorance or incomplete information about motor insurance people lose out most essential covers like engine protect, roadside assistance, quality repairs etc. As these covers play key roles in Hydrostatic Lock and further consequential loss.
Heavy monsoon brings the most seen picture of water logging with a broken car.  However, today’s automobiles are equipped with high-end technology to ensure the safe and comfortable drive. Ironically, when it comes to heavy monsoon and water logging the same technology manifests the biggest reason to cease the car by stalling the engine. High-end cars have high power combustion capacity. While driving through water-logged areas, water enters the air intake valve and reaches out to the engine leading to engine failure or seizure. This problem gets worsen when driver forcibly tries to turn the engine on ending up with heavy damage to the engine. This engine failure due to water ingression is called as Hydrostatic Lock and this phenomenon is known as Hydrostatic Loss.  
This engine damage due to hydrostatic loss is classified as a consequential loss as per motor insurance regulations. Insureds should make a note that this loss is not covered under a regular motor insurance policy as this is not an uncertain event but a manmade one. This engine repair, being expensive, can leave the vehicle owner with empty pockets.
So what to do to avoid such eventualities? Prevention is always better than cure. Ignoring water logged areas while driving or avoid driving in heavy rain when less required can constitute one of the solutions. Once trapped in such situation, avoid cranking the engine under any circumstances. Opting for Roadside assistance and Engine Protect is the best way to get rid of such headache. It renders the services like on the spot mechanical assistance by the insurance company to fix the problem or immediate towing facility has been made available to the workshop or nearest garage. Other than this, minor repairs, on the spot fuel arrangement, battery and tyre replacement if needed. 
However, making sure of vehicle is serviced finely and has undergone monsoon pre-checkups can also save your pennies. Remember! Carrying Roadside assistance and Engine protect cover with your much beneficial car insurance is highly advised. 
Compare car insurance to know which car insurance policies offer essential covers like engine protect, roadside assistance, quality repairs etc.