When you get a new job in renowned organization, you also get covered under their employer health insurance. Certain amount of premium is deducted from your salary. But, do you really believe the coverage offered by your employer is enough to meet your mediclaim insurance demands? The advantage of this plan can be availed in case of hospitalization of those insured in the policy, typically employees and dependents. Usually, this employer-sponsored healthcare plan is called as a master policy and it covers all employees in the company. This coverage is compulsory each employee.
As compared to individual health insurance, these plans are more affordable. Initially, it may look attractive because of its features. But, you have to make sure that it gives you adequate coverage. As a responsible policyholder, know the benefits given, sum assured and the sub-limits.
Sometimes, it may not be sufficient to insure two mediclaims in single year or sum assured may be not enough to pay the actual expenses. Make an estimate by considering high risk cases to evaluate whether their health insurance cover is sufficient or not.
According to industry experts, it is advisable to buy another mediclaim policy online which covers insured’s dependents. You can have an option of buying top-up plans as well.
In fact, individual healthcare plans may come in handy when you want to switch your job because you never know next employer will offer you the same extent of coverage or not. Some insurance companies in India have products which need a co-pay arrangement, exclusion of loved ones or decrease sum assured and other such limits to reduce costs.
So, purchase at least one standalone health insurance policy India which you can control, in addition to the group policy. If you have a family, then opt for a family floater plan as early as possible and cover more illnesses at really affordable rates. Insured can also pair this plan with a personal accident cover and/or critical illness policy.