In India, it has been observed that buying online health insurance policies is not a much-needed task for women. The number is very less who had health coverage by their own. Generally, women depended upon mediclaim plans are purchased for them by employers or male relatives.
Majority of women are not coming forward to purchase this insurance. Hence, they are not well aware with the need of health coverage which is made for them. Many insurance companies in India provide plans as well as top-up covers exclusively for women.
Some insurers offer a combination of critical illness and hospitalization cover which pay for their certain critical illnesses based on a policy type. In fact, there are some riders which are offered under a term insurance policy India and pays for critical illnesses that affect women and congenital disabilities affecting their new-borns.
Some women-specific critical illness health insurance policy covers certain women-specific critical illnesses. Also, it gives a payout of 50 percent of the sum insured if a new born baby has congenital disabilities. Plans which are primarily defined benefit policies, the sum is given when a claim is registered.
Women need to make sure that they have coverage of around Rs five lakh under a family floater policy. Buy a top-up health insurance cover only if your budget allows because it comes into play once the basic plan is exhausted. Do not forget to evaluate the terms and conditions in case you are satisfied with your critical illness coverage.
Insurers have tried hard to introduce more such plans but they have no major feature benefit. Online health insurance plans dedicated to women-specific ailments may look impressive but consider everything related to a policy and then buy a product.
Usually, women are more susceptible as compared to men when it comes to ailments like urinary infections, arthritis and anemia. Women must give importance to financial security against medical emergencies.