Comprehensive car insurance online covers damages caused by fire, earthquake, any accident, strike, theft, flood and riot. Generally, everyone has a dream of buying a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler vehicle. In fact, it really doesn’t matter even if they are purchased secondhand.
Online motor insurance is necessary to ply the vehicle on streets. Today, majority of general insurance companies in India sell online insurance policies. So, it is very easy to grab the best online car insurance policy India. As motor insurance policies cover the vehicles and third party claims, there is necessity to be judicious in preferring a vehicle insurance claim.
Insurance service providers offer the best deals while renewing the policy only if insured people made no claims on such plans. Policyholders will not receive any benefit in case insured registered a claim in a previous year. Making no claims ensures that the vehicle value in the aftermarket is maintained, in case policyholder wants to dispose of a vehicle.
It is advisable for customers to preserve ‘No Claim Bonus’ if expenses are affordable. Customers should know that policyholders can carry their NCBs and can substitute NCB percentage to any new vehicle that comes under similar category when they purchase a new vehicle in place of current vehicle.
In case of accident, the vehicle owner has a liability to compensate for resulting injuries, death or property damages to the aggrieved people. It is known as the third-party coverage. It is the minimum coverage on requirements to take for plying the vehicles on the street.
Third-party car insurance coverage is affordable. The vehicle owner by insurance agreement passes the liability to the insurer. Comprehensive risk coverage also covers the vehicle along with the third party coverage. It insures damages in an accident, flood, riot, malicious damages, fire, earthquake, theft and terrorism.
It covers both the damages to the vehicles as well as to the third party risks that arise because of an accident. Third party risk coverage only insures legal liability resulting because of any road accident to third parties. If the vehicle owner is also a driver, then online car insurance policy India gives mandatory personal accident coverage for insured’s death in an accident.
Insured declared value (IDV) decrease every year because of depreciation. The maximum amount towards the damaged vehicle is restricted to sum insured of the vehicle. There is a special provision mentioned in a car insurance policy for extra coverage, cashless repairs at network garages. Vehicles with consistent and expensive claims do not fetch the best rates.