Increasing medical costs is a major concern for all senior citizens. Insurance experts suggest people to buy online health insurance India for senior citizens if they would not like to burden their children financially with medical expenses. In fact, majority of insurance companies in India have plans specially made for senior citizens, though the conditions and terms vary.
These insurance products give cover for certain medical expenses for the senior citizens and their spouses. These plans provide coverage for ambulance charges, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses etc to a specific limit.

Proposal Form

People who are planning to buy this plan must approach the reliable insurance service provider. Online comparison of various senior citizen health insurance plans is a good way to select the best policy that suits your budget and needs both. Customers have to fill a proposal form to opt for this plan and a separate application to be submitted for availing cashless benefit.

Age Limit

As this health insurance plan is tailor-made only for senior citizens, the entry age for this policy is around more than 60 years and the maximum age is also high than conventional products.

Health Checkup

Health checkup is mandatory and all the examination costs are borne by the customer. However, when the insurance application is accepted, then the insurer may reimburse the costs. Proposal form and medical report along with all the necessary documents are submitted to the insurer with the health insurance premium cheque. Companies issue the policy papers if the required documents are in place.

Pre-Existing Diseases

Generally, pre-existing diseases are covered by senior citizen policies. However, the plan clearly mentions specific waiting periods for insuring pre-existing diseases. Many insurance companies in India give cover after completion of a year from the issuing date of a policy.