The process of buying a Mediclaim policy in India is very much important. Those who just buy health insurance that your agent sells or happy to buy the least expensive plan should advise learning further about this type of insurance.
This research helps buyers to understand the most important features of a policy and offers them enough information to purchase the correct plan. Some insurance service providers give the methodology that guides customers to make the right decision.
This method selects a few insurance products for a specific age group of one segment of sum insured and offers the information of the ratings of each customer. After the certain duration of time, the company selects one parameter of the rating and gives its importance.
A vital part of purchasing any insurance is how good the insurer is settling its claims. But, it is really difficult to get this information in a user-friendly format when it comes to Indian health insurance sector. Data of claim settlement mentions in the public disclosure documents of insurers is a consolidated set of figures which include claims from individual and group policies.
Generally, claims of group policies are approved because these plans don’t have a waiting period on pre-existing diseases. Hence, if insurers have a sizeable group portfolio, then claims settlement data may look more impressive. In this data, insurers declare the number of health insurance claims registered, settled, repudiated, closed and outstanding.
Also, remember to track the claims payment of an insurance company in India. Closed claims are those unpaid claims which are shut either because of lack of documents from the policyholder or where the insured hasn’t followed the claim anymore.