Consider the scenario, if someone was recently hospitalized and advised an open heart surgery, he or she will definitely ask for a second opinion from a reputable surgeon. During such situations, remote medical assistance proves to be very helpful.
Insurance companies in India sees more value of offering a cover for second opinion service as a part of their mediclaim policies. Recently, United India Insurance has reviewed its family floater plans to add insurance cover for second opinion.
Insurer thinks that there are many specialists available worldwide and in case the second specialist considers a surgery is not required, then it will help the policyholder as well as the insurer. Also, it keeps clean claim record of an insured person.
In fact, Apollo Munich is also is also giving second opinion coverage as a part of some of its products. Insurance companies in India mention that a second opinion is necessary in case of major ailments like heart attacks, kidney failure or organ transplant etc.
As per the insurers’ research, customers need to consult from another expert when they are suggested an expensive treatment by a specialist. Second opinion coverage fulfills this requirement really well. Subsequent commercialization and developing corporatization of the Indian health insurance industry has lead in some erosion of trust of the initial mediclaim policy providers.
Sometimes, it has been observed that the treating specialist is not aware with the latest advances in medicine or suggest an expensive treatment where none may be needed. The demand for second medical opinion is getting organized slowly as insurers bring numerous specialists from different locations under one roof to offer second opinion service.
These doctors give high quality consultation. The company joined their hands with a private and public sector insurers to give second opinion services to their clients. Some insurance companies offer second opinion as part of their value added services to policyholders.