When motor insurance policyholders have been involved in car accidents, then they need to contact the representative of the insurance company in India and file a vehicle insurance claim. Your insurance service provider will surely give some auto insurance claim advice to make the procedure quicker and hassle-free.
Insurance experts suggest policyholders to follow their motor insurance claim process as mentioned by insurers, giving the most satisfactory explanation of the scenario that happened.

Below are some of the important tips on settling vehicle insurance claims:

  • Check the policy coverage

Insured is probably well aware with the basic rules of auto insurance, but they must read the policy document carefully before making a claim. Be sure that coverage secures other family members as well who may drive the vehicle on occasion.
  • File claim as early as possible

Try and file your claim with the insurer on the same day as the accident, so you don’t forget any important information which could affect claim negatively.
  • Note down your case number

It is really difficult for an individual application to get misplaced at an insurer. If person has the designated case number, then he or she will be able to co-operate with the insurer find his or her details faster.
  • All relevant documents get prepared

You need to submit number of documents to insurer regarding the accident, including photos or car, various identification details and any receipts for towing payments and so on. It will help the insurance company to quickly process your claim.
It is true that majority of accidents do not lead to death, but they do need policyholders to file proper motor insurance claims. Above mentioned tips help insured to fill out insurance claims in the most accurate way possible.