Going to study abroad is no more unusual for Indian students and hence, online student travel insurance is must in most countries. While majority of universities will offer the much-needed medical coverage, therefore, it is good to buy a cover from home before leaving your country.

Even if a student is collegian or state offered health covers, it ensures that state offered health insurance is enough to cover all medical expenses while they are studying abroad. In fact, there are some non-medical contingencies which are never insured by college covers or the state sponsored mediclaim policies.

Online student travel insurance is considered as a more comprehensive product segment because of its high demand, changing needs and increasing competition. The new plans are not limited up to medical coverage and luggage insurance but extend to insure risks like personal accident, disability cover and third party liability.

Some insurance companies in India also offer plans to cover treatment of nervous and mental disorders, including cancer screening, drug dependency, mammography and alcoholism. Generally, treatment expenses of such illnesses are not roofed under some basic health insurance policies India.

Also, student living abroad might require visits from family or other back-ups in case of eventualities. Private insurance service providers basically insure study interruption because of medical emergency compassionate visit of parents is not included under a basic healthcare plan from the state or college.

More comprehensive policies offer a wide range of coverage like bail bond cover against in case of detention by judicial authorities or police, demise of the person financing your study and loss of passport and so on. Health covers provided by the state for medical treatment may involve long waiting periods for some medical treatments.

On the other hand, personal accident cover gives access to private medical care which proves helpful during emergencies. Such add-on benefits necessitate the use of college provided cover. Perform a detailed research and compare various plans online. Then, select the best student travel insurance that suits certain needs of the student and also fulfills the university requirements.