Accidents are resulted because of growing level of road traffic. Every day, more number of automobiles bumps into with another. In some cases, it is just a small collision. But, there is a serious accident in other cases causing loss of life. If someone is admitted to the hospital because of an accident resulting from collision of cars, there are expensive medical costs to pay.
In absence of car insurance, these expenses cannot be easy to manage. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has made it mandatory to have third party insurance before you take the vehicle out on the street.
Basic car insurance cover works best in case of minor or major damage to vehicle structures. This policy provides compensation if driving person or co-passengers is injured in car accident.
Payment is given for permanent disability or loss of life. People can make use of this money to settle hospital bills and also helps to manage basic family expenses. Basically, it pays for third party liability.
Majority of people may think that when car accidents happen, the person who got hurt is just themselves. But, it’s not true at all. Auto owner can harm a third party in a collision seriously and he or she has the right to take legal action against the driving person for loss of life or injury resulting because of the accident.
There is a possibility to damage property of another person. In such scenarios, third party car insurance pay compensation for such losses by providing money for expenses owed to third party. Policyholders have to renew this coverage after a specific period.
Insured no need to go in person to the insurer as it can be done online also. Policyholders only need to enter their policy numbers, expiry date and person information in the renewal application.
Then, the representative of the insurance company in India will give you a call back for renewal. After doing the renewal, auto owner can enjoy the ride with assurance that coverage is available to secure him and his family.