Medical insurance plans help you to overcome financial difficulties but you also have to know that what you would do in case your insurance company refuses your claim. PolicyBoss guides you to understand the claim refund procedure in healthcare insurance. As a policyholder, it is necessary to inform your insurance service provider when you are going for admission to a network hospital.
During emergencies, you can contact your insurance firm as soon as you are able to get time. The basic idea behind this health insurance claim process is to keep the insurer in the loop. After submitting all the necessary health insurance claim documents, the insurer checks each document and if satisfied, gives the insurance amount to the claimant. You need to consider several steps to ensure a smooth claim procedure:
  • Carefully read the policy document before buying a plan

Many customers blindly trust on the words of representatives of the insurance company or brokers or agents while selecting Mediclaim plan for the whole family.
Read policy documents carefully because it will be the only legal papers you have in case the insurance service provider decided to deny your claim. Pay special attention to exclusions while comparing healthcare products online.
  • Get and fill the claim form in time

Get the claim application as soon as possible and then correctly fill all the details. If there is no space to describe, then attach a white paper and mention the same. Insurance company prefers the claim to be filed within certain days because there are some details which cannot be traced when the information has reached the insurance company late. 
  • Maintain All the Documents

Even if you have admitted to a non-network hospital, then maintaining all the documents is necessary. Keep a Photostat of all the documents submitted while submitting the documents to the insurance company.