To get an affordablecar insurance online, you have to know the tricks of insurance market.

Below we mentioned some tips to buy low car insurance premium so that you can some handsome amount

Get motor insurance quotes online and then compare these products with each other in terms of benefits and features. Online comparison is necessary before buying and it is very easy to perform as well.
Always check insured declared value i.e. IDV. It is the maximum amount which auto owner can receive in the event of total loss. Your insurance agent may decrease this amount just to decrease your premium.
‘Voluntary excess’ is another important term which you need to know. You have to pay certain amount for the first time in case of an accident and then this amount can be deducted from your premium. But, sometimes it may create a problem if your insurance service provider does this without informing policyholder.
Try to avail the benefit of no-claim bonus. If policyholder filed more than you are entitled to, then you claim in case any may not be processed. Cover note is valid only up to 60 days and after that you must have to carry the final policy document. You may not be covered if you failed to carry final documents related to policy. So, make sure that your insurance service provider gives you this.
Insurance broker can guide about cashless settlement process offered by insurance companies in India. Auto owner can opt for additional personal accident coverage for driver as well as for passengers. Be honest in your declarations on the proposal form so that your real claims will be paid. And last but not the least, drive safely!