The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited is an organization completely owned by the Indian government. This company offers export credit insurance support to exporters in India and all operations of ECGC are handled by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited offers a credit risk insurance which acts as a safeguard to exporters against loss in export of services and good.

Also, it provides guarantees to financial institutions as well as to banks to enable exporters to avail high quality facilities from them. This firm offers Overseas Investment Insurance to Indian companies investing in joint ventures outside the country in the form of loan or equity.

The ECGC insurance cover helps the exporters to get better access to credit facilities from financial institutions. It is the fifth largest credit insurer which deals with exports of any country.

In the market, the company name is considered as a trusted name. It has experienced and talented management who works hard for the betterment of the organization.

Below we mentioned special insurance schemes offered by this company:

  • Lines of Credit Cover
  • Buyer Credit Cover Policy
  • Overseas Investment Insurance
  • Transfer Guarantee Insurance Cover
  • Customer Specific Insurance Cover Policy

Below we mentioned the insurance facilities offered to the banks:

Short Term Post-Shipment Insurance Facilities for Banks

  • Individual export credit insurance for banks without exclusion:
    Individual export credit insurance for banks with exclusion:
    Individual post shipment insurance for shipments excluding cover for shipments made against LC:
  • Export Finance Insurance Policy
  • Whole Turnover Insurance Policy

Short Term Pre-Shipment Insurance Facilities for Banks

  • Whole Turnover Packing Credit Insurance Policy.
  • Individual Packing Credit Insurance Policy
  • Branch Wise Packing Credit Insurance Policy

Long and Medium Term Insurance Facility to Banks

  • Individual post-shipment credit insurance policy
  • Individual packing credit policy
  • Export performance credit insurance policy
  • Cash flow deficit financing credit insurance policy
  • Overseas lending credit insurance policy
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